About us

Personal commitment to the satisfaction of our customers in association with technical competence is our principle. Because of our manageable company size as well as our structure, we can directly respond to all customer requirements.

Our professionals are constantly working together with the technical departments of our clients to find the best solutions to increase operational safety and effectiveness of the facilities placed in our care. Hereby, the experience of our specialists is of course also of great help for our company.

By working closely with several well-known producers of refractory materials, depending on our needs, a wide range of materials for various applications are constantly available to us. Of course, our customer’s distinct wishes play a role with the selection of materials.

Our employees are committed to working with “your” company. This enormous, every day effort of our personnel will be rewarded by customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and good references and not least- by full order books.

The health and safety of our employees is very important for our company. Therefore, all the activities that are generally carried out in our company are based on our e-r-s Quality Management System.



Due to various changes in the refractory area, the e-r-s was founded in February 2009. The city Klötze offered itself as a location because of the scope of available professionals.

The existing market and technical knowledge, the high potential of skilled workers, but also the already existing knowhow enabled a direct market entry at a higher level. This was promoted by the fact that a lot of employees had already worked together in previous years in similar business characteristics and thus, the long get-to-know or training phase and the  associated friction could be avoided.

Since autumn 2009, the company headquarters is located on Poppauer Street. There you can find on a 8.4 acre site all the requirements for operating a company in this industry. In addition to the completely renovated existing warehouses, in 2010 a production hall for the production of finished components has been constructed and was equipped with state of the art technology. This investment was complemented in 2011 by purchasing a firing furnace. Also, a parking hall with more than 2,000 pallet spaces was constructed in 2011.

In the spring of 2012, the administration building was newly constructed.


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Sense and purpose: 
The e-r-s is an internationally active modern led management owned company in the service industry. As such, we want to provide real and useful services by advising our clients professionally and place them in the forefront. We design our services, products and processes environmentally friendly.

We stand with our customers and our various suppliers in a friendly business relationship and use only standardized products from certified manufacturers. Our customers are offered timely and high quality services and products. Our guideline is to provide all of our products and services accurately and on time.

With our awareness of social responsibility as an employer we want to create an open and comprehensive personnel policy of progressive working conditions. We have very well qualified personnel and strive through continuous education to keep up the quality of our services. By providing a variety of information and open communication we reach an efficient and highly motivated team.

Behavior towards market partners:
In the pursuit of our economic goals we adhere to the principles of good faith. Active and open communication, characterize our dealings with each other.

We want to strengthen and expand our market position through profitable growth. This gives us, in addition to profits and increases in value, entrepreneurial freedom and ensures the independence of the company.

The customer and the maximum availability of the incinerator facility stand in our company at the forefront.

To achieve these goals, we provide the fastest possible service, 365 days a year, around the clock. Therefore, we look for the best possible quality in the design and short delivery and reaction times. Because of our high flexibility, always ready operation and low cost structure, we are also in a position to solve difficult tasks for our customers to quality standards.



The best advertising is our references. We were very fortunate to have found many clients who greatly appreciate our partnership. These customers have rewarded the gained confidence with repeat business and therefore represent an essential cornerstone of our success.
We work for various public utilities and large energy companies throughout the country.

The day to day business of e-r-s GmbH. include the following work areas around the world:

– Production of aluminum
– Facilities for processing bitumen
– Biomass power plants
– Chemical residue combustion
– Feedstuff factories
– Annealing furnaces
– Graphitization facilities
– Thermal power stations
– Timber production
– Industry waste incineration
– Hospital waste incineration
– Waste incineration
– Paper mills
– Refineries
– Soot reactors
– Super heater
– Fluidized bed facilities

The e-r-s plate system has proven itself already with many waste incinerators, industrial incinerators and biomass power plants.
We will gladly provide you with a detailed list of references upon request.

We thank our customers

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