Our fields of activity in an overview

Environment & Energy

The requirements for the plant operator as well as the furnace bricklayer have greatly changed in the recent years for this activity field. The economic aspect, according to the latest environmental requirements, stand in the forefront of the plant operator. These challenges can be achieved with the highest possible service life of refractory lining and controlled heat transfer.
This increase in service life is achieved through a skillful, system-specific material selection in conjunction with a professional flawless execution.

– Brown coal power plants
– Coal-fired power plants
– Biomass power plants
– Gas and steam plants
– Small boilers plants
– Fluid bed systems
– Waste incinerators
– Hazardous waste incineration

The efficiency of the plants can be increased through a variety of different materials and systems. One of these is the e.TOP system from the e-r-s GmbH. It is an example for long service life’s combined with excellent heat transfer. However, should it lead to short-term shutdowns, we respond within a few minutes. Our emergency team is always ready for use.

Following an operational restructuring last year, we have committed more strongly to our customers in the chemical and petrochemical industry, but also with renowned plant manufacturers.
By focusing on this interesting activity area of refractories, we succeeded in 2012 to get a framework contract in a refinery. In addition to the design of new systems, our daily tasks include also regular maintenance and repair of combustion chambers, reformer, Claus plants, but also technically challenging systems such as FCC plants as well as carbon black plants.

– Claus plants
– Heat exchanger
– FCC plants
– Gas cap of heat recovery boilers
– Process furnaces
– Reactors
– Carbon black plant

Nonferrous metals
Our employees have many years of experiences in the refractory lining for aluminum melting furnaces and zinc furnaces.
Due to our high quality work, several customers have signed with our company a multiyear contract. We support our customers by the cleaning, the outbreak, the delivery and the drying of the refractory lining. By constructing of the refractory lining and defining of the materials, we work together with well-known material producers and also make use of their experience.
For each liner, we prepare a heat transfer calculation and determine the refractory lining so that the solidification point of the melt bath lies in the wear layer.

– Holding furnaces and pans
– Aluminum melting furnaces

General refractory construction
Heat treatment furnaces such as:
– Bogie hearth furnace
– Roller furnace
– Crematorium furnaces
– Tunnel furnaces