Mikrocel 1000 – Micro-porous insulating materials

Through the optimum insulating values at temperatures of up to 1000°C, micro-porous products are deployed in all branches of industry. Our micro-porous panels and moulded parts with some 0.020 W/mK at 200°C provide an optimized insulating effect.
An optimum insulating effect is obtained using the thinnest possible insulating strength.

The material is available in panels and also as a half shell. Cut and milled parts can be made according to the customer’s needs.

Micro porous panels are used in all metal processing industries, especially in the aluminium and steel industry for rear isolation in crucibles, steel ladles, holding furnaces and many other furnaces.

Through the optimum insulating values, the utility volume is increased and the energy loss considerably diminished. In furnaces lined with lightweight refractory bricks, energy loss can be even halved.
Even in fibre insulation, the energy loss can be reduced substantially through the use of micro-porous panels in the rear isolation.

The panels are available with different edges and/or surface forms, e.g. aluminum foil, glass fibre, tissue or PE film lamination.