High-temperature wool

Ceramic fibres are not inflammable and are produced through the spin procedure from extremely pure raw materials such as aluminium oxide, silicon dioxide produced and by adding zircon sand.

Our products do not develop any fumes which could be damaging to health in the initial heating because they are either free of binding agents or consist exclusively of inorganic materials. The fibres maintain a consistent high temperature have good insulating characteristics and outstanding chemical consistency (excluding hydrofluoric acid and phosphorus acid as well as strong alkalis). Moreover, the characteristics are supplemented through resistance to oxidation and reduction.

In wetting with oil, water or steam, the thermal characteristics are preserved after drying. Ceramic fibre products are available as wool, mats (also damp mats), paper, panels, modules and vacuum formed part as well as a pasty substance (moldables).

Ceramic fibre products are used in the following industries: Nonferrous metalindustry, iron and steel industry, chemicals, energy production and rubbish combustion, glass industry, cement industry and chalk industry as well as the household device industry.