Lightweight refractory bricks

Insulating fire bricks are made from high-quality clays and other ceramic raw materials. So that a consistent, uniform pore structure emerges, carefully graded organic bulking agents are added and subsequently burnt out in the forming process.

On account of the automatic manufacturing process, compliance with the strictest measurement and form tolerances is ensured. Altogether twelve different standard qualities with classification temperatures between 1260°C (ASTM 23) and 1760°C (ASTM 32) are produced and depending on quality and the requirements are used both as rear isolation and on the hot side. Each quality is designed in such a way that they meet special thermal and physical requirements. Here the low iron oxide and flux amount ensure a high degree of fire resistance.

The high aluminium oxide content adds to the stability in reducing atmospheres. Our HS bricks have a particularly high pressure stability. All qualities are available in standard formats, special formats and large-volume panels up to a dimension of 640 x 450 x 76 mm.

Insulating fire bricks are used in the following industries: Non ferrous metal industry, iron and steel industry, chemistry and petrochemicals, industrial furnace building and combustion plants, glass industry, energy production as well as in rubbish combustion, cement industry and chalk industry.

For the processing of the insulating fire brick we offer different mortars and cements.