FF Construction, Delivery and Installation

Our installation team consists of 80 professional technicians. These are supported by various experts from our project department, from the design, respectively, to the administration.

Partner Companies
To support our installation teams with very large projects or to reduce peak workloads, a number of partner companies whose employees have the necessary certifications and qualifications are available to us.

By working closely with several well-known producers of refractory materials, depending on our needs, a wide range of materials for various applications are constantly available to us. Of course, our customer’s distinct wishes play a role with the selection of materials.

Shipping Companies
Furthermore, we have finished agreements with several shipping companies so that we can even ensure in an emergency a timely delivery of materials and equipment to our customer.

We have a large amount of materials in stock so that we can respond immediately to customer requirements. Whether it comes to refractory concrete or refractory bricks, insulating concrete or insulating bricks or various metallic anchorages.