Celtherm textiles

With our range of Celtherm textiles our clients have a wide selection of very different, high-quality textiles.

This programme ranges from sealing cords, belts, hoses and packings (from E-glass, glass-HT, bio-soluble fibres and ceramic – glass or Inconel reinforced) to tissue (up to 1,390 °C), to a large selection of assembled products in the form of compensators, thermal and dynamic seals, heat protective mats (to protect against open fires, radiant heat, molten metal splashes, sparks), zone dividers, flexible channel connections and cover pads and complete furnace linings.

Celtherm textiles are used in the following industries: non ferrous metal industry, chemistry and petrochemicals, industrial furnace building and combustion plants, glass industry, ceramic industry, household appliance industry as well as the cement and chalk industry