Celsol calcium silicate slabs

Celsol calcium silicate panels are environmentally friendly and physiologically safe products made from calcium silicate. These panels have proved their worth in the most different branches of industry as rear insulation. Epecially in the industrial furnace, dryer construction and plant construction industries as well as in the cement industry and petrochemicals, calcium silicate is the classic economic insulating material.

The panels are available in the classification temperatures 1000 and 1100° C. In addition to excellent insulating properties and high stability combined with high thermal stability, these panels have a shielding gas resistance against reducing gases (H2, CO, CH4, NH3, N2). Celsol calcium silicate panels have capillary suction and absorb water.

For works in connection with refractory concrete parts, a hydrophobic blocking primer is recommended that can be applied on site This eliminates costly work with barrier film.