Celculite vermiculite slabs

Celculite vermiculite panels (1100° C) are high temperature heat insulating panels made on the basis of exfoliated vermiculites and inorganic binding agents.

The material is free of asbestos and organic substances. Vermiculite is an aluminium magnesium layered silicate that is swelled through heating into ultra light granules and is processed through a press-forming procedure to panels, bricks and moulded parts. The large format panels (1000 x 610 mm) are available in different thicknesses and gross densities (375, 475, 600, 900 and 1200 kg/m³).

The maximum application temperature is about 1200° C. Mainly vermiculite panels are used in the area of rear isolation but also in some applications on the hot side. Typical applications can be found in industrial furnace construction and in the household appliances (night storage furnaces, boilers, cookers and cauldrons).