Celcoat rigidizers and coatings

Celcoat rigidizers 1260°C and 1480°C are materials for the solidification or curing of materials, fibre materials and suitable for an application temperature of up to 1480 ° C. These materials are without organic additives and can be applied by brushing or spraying. The consolidation begins with the from drying and can accelerate become through temperature effect. Celcoat rigidizers are used to protection fibre linings against high smoke gas speeds, abrasiven dust articles and chemical attack.

Celcoat coatings are heat- and corrosion resistant ceramic coatings that can be used to an application temperature of 1900°C. Five different qualities are available for different requirements and stresses, also for use on the outside of furnaces and plants.

These materials extend the service life of new and existing refractory linings which are made of fibres, concretes and bricks as well as the service life of metal parts. They offer an effective seal for pores in fire resistant materials against chemical and mechanical attack.

Celcoat coatings form an inner surface that prevents caking, denudation as well as sintering. Celcoat emissive is a material with a very high emission value of up to 0.98 (a black body has 1.00). This increases the thermal effect degree and improves the heat flow which can lead to a substantial savings in energy.