Celcast formed parts

Celcast moulded parts are produced using the casting and vibro casting method from natural and synthetic raw materials. We produce a multitude of different qualities. Worthy of emphasis in this segment are moulded parts made from Sifca (Slurry Infiltrated Fibrer Castable) and Celcast 3X AL (micro porous casting compound).

Celcast Sifca moulded parts (Slurry Infiltrated Fibre Castable) have outstanding temperature change consistency, excellent strength and impact resistance stability (impact resistance) and a considerable pressure stability. Examples of the application of this material are found frequently in the iron and steel industry as well as the non ferrous metal industry.

Celcast 3X AL (micro porous casting compound) is used mainly in the non ferrous metal industry. The material can be used both as a monolithic casting compound in lining transport ladles and filter boxes as well as finished components in the form of groove components or similar. Celcast 3X AL has especially good insulating properties and low SiO2 content. This ensures that no corundum can be produced within the incombustible material and thus eliminates the formation of corundun on the refractory lining. For this reason Celcast 3X-AL products can be cleaned easily. Furthermore, Celcast 3X products are largely resistant to the penetration and caking of melted aluminium. The material is the cornerstone for lower energy consumption, improved metal quality and reduced maintenance costs.